Blame it on the Bandoneon specialises in reinvoking the aesthetic of early 20th century design and applying it to modern fashion. All of our designs are inspired by the culture around Tango and Tango music, with the decorative patterns used to adorn the bodies of Tango instruments featuring heavily.
Dresses and skirts from upholstery remnants, antique bedspreads, and tablecloths. The designs are consistent, but the fabrics are unique, so no two women will wear the identical dress.
If you build something that will last 50 years or longer, it should also be looking nice for a very long time, so we build tables which we think will be looking good in many years as well as they do today. That might be very hard to do, but we try. For me it would be a success if the grandchildren still like the table.
Wir sind Berlins einzige Mehlmanufaktur und als solche bieten wir eine große Palette an unterschiedlichen Mehlen an. Bei uns lernen Sie z.B., wie viele unterschiedliche Weizensorten es gibt oder auch, warum man mit Hirsemehl allein kein Brot backen kann.