If you build something that will last 50 years or longer, it should also be looking nice for a very long time, so we build tables which we think will be looking good in many years as well as they do today. That might be very hard to do, but we try. For me it would be a success if the grandchildren still like the table.

Many things are happening at the table. You have a problem or an issue, and then you say “Wir müssen uns mal zusammen an den Tisch setzen.” (“Let’s meet at the table.”) If you make a movie of 40 years of a table it would be very interesting. Many fights, and many kisses.

These are objects that I want to be used. And it should be used hard. That’s what they’re made for. That’s why we don’t put lacquer, just oil. If there’s a scratch you can sandpaper and it’s fine. After 10 years of hard use, the workshop can sand and oil it again. That’s what it’s made for, to be used.”

It’s a really nice product. It’s nice to sell. You can stand behind every single step of the value chain. You know it’s a good product, there’s nothing harmful and bad. And you know you can make your customers happy. It makes everybody happy. The guys in the workshop are happy to have good work.

Möbelwerkstätten Buschsieweke is a family-owned furniture company located in German’s furniture heartland, Ostwestfalen. Zwo is and old-fashioned word for “two”, implying the second iteration of the company. In truth, the owners of MBzwo are the third generation, and Grandfather is still in the workshop.