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Taglio Vivo

Vegetable-tanned leather bags with original natural marks. Iron accessories are hand-made from ancient chains.

Mutti Love

Dresses and skirts from upholstery remnants, antique bedspreads, and tablecloths.
The designs are consistent, but the fabrics are unique, so no two women will wear the identical dress.


If you build something that will last 50 years or longer, it should also be looking nice for a very long time, so we build tables which we think will be looking good in many years as well as they do today. That might be very hard to do, but we try. For me it would be a success if the grandchildren still like the table.

Zehnle von Langsdorff

We make only women’s pants, from high quality fabrics. Our workshop is in the showroom in Berlin.

JCT Woodworks

What better way to honor the life and death of a tree than to turn part of it into a beautiful and useful object? A humble sometimes very long life is there to be shared.

Budi Spices

Budi processes all the spices herself from fresh into powder and makes her own curry mixtures and roasted cumin.


“Usually we are cheaper than the discounters, because there’s no middleman.”

Artisan Modern is about the opportunity for meaningful materialism.

The Objectography is a collection of stories about objects – things you’ve kept, things you miss, your relationships with artisans, and quests for specific objects. Sharing these stories inspires new relations to ownership and aquisition.

The directory of Ateliers is an open directory of Artisans, and can be used to search for things you need and want to acquire.

Our Magazine introduces a modern approach to quality work, transactions and objects, and to artisans who are making beautiful food and things with pleasure and ethics.

We offer occasional Numbered Editions which superlatively express the qualities we nurture.