Mehl Stübchen

Wir sind Berlins einzige Mehlmanufaktur und als solche bieten wir eine große Palette an unterschiedlichen Mehlen an. Bei uns lernen Sie z.B., wie viele unterschiedliche Weizensorten es gibt oder auch, warum man mit Hirsemehl allein kein Brot backen kann.

Flour for home baking.


Artisan Modern is about the opportunity for meaningful materialism.

The Objectography is a collection of stories about objects – things you’ve kept, things you miss, your relationships with artisans, and quests for specific objects. Sharing these stories inspires new relations to ownership and aquisition.

The directory of Ateliers is an open directory of Artisans, and can be used to search for things you need and want to acquire.

Our Magazine introduces a modern approach to quality work, transactions and objects, and to artisans who are making beautiful food and things with pleasure and ethics.

We offer occasional Numbered Editions which superlatively express the qualities we nurture.