Christian Schöppe Bleiletter Buchdruck

Letterpress is rare and special. It's a 500 year-old tradition. It is a different experience from computer printing and sometimes faster.

This is a printing shop with letterpress. I make business cards mainly, but also invitation cards, wedding cards, birth cards. Sometimes small posters or letterhead.

It’s another quality, it’s not so anonymous. It’s embossed. It’s a very old tradition, 500 years old. Now it’s rare and special.

I have ink from the old time. This was not a decision. I want to offer to the clients a different paper than they can receive in a copy shop or on the internet, a better paper, carton. If you go to a copy shop they offer you two kinds of white paper.

It’s a very nice profession. It’s just a little bit meditation, and it’s art. It’s also art, and it’s handcraft.

Normally, for new clients, I don’t like to sell by the internet. It’s better if I see the person. I think the social contact is also important, for both of us.


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