The riches of work

With my main occupation on indefinite hold, I drift from place to place, wondering if any of them are enough. I don’t need money but

The hidden cost of perfectionism

Paolo is very protective of his house, recently renovated with the cheapest Ikea products. His hysterical about the capacity for dirt and even dust caught

Herbes de Provence

I brought zucchini directly from the farm. I had even picked it. Sunshine yellow, striped, and deep emerald. Too abundant in some places I’d lived,

Suffering is not the price of cooking

She turned from the table and walked back to the kitchen. It looked, as is to be expected at this point in the service, as if a landslide had passed through.

an Italian kitchen

Valentina is 78 and almost always smiling. She is a workaholic. As her daughter takes the first bite of dinner, sitting down for the first time all day after serving 30 guests, Valentina is standing behind her chair and asks “what will we cook tomorrow?”


There is a lot to hate about supermarkets: how they treat farmers, deceptive pricing, seductive processed foods, degrading working conditions, chemical smells, and just plain


“I remember saying to somebody very early on that I just want to make furniture and talk to people about it. And I feel like now I might take the word ‘furniture’ out of it… The customers I’m thinking of can enunciate what they’re looking for in a piece of furniture beyond price. They have an experience in mind or a material connection or an aesthetic. Or they understood the slow movement and they liked the origin story.

Deep Regionality

One surprise about living in Italy is that although I’m so close, I’m still so far. Many  products that I first met in Boston, Los


Around the world is a crisis of modernization in which younger generations do not want to inherit the farming and other artisanal work of their