MicroEconomics: Case Studies


makes messenger bags, backpacks, and totes from used truck tarps and seatbelts. Each item is unique and numbered. They have become a global brand without paying for advertising. They product itself is straightforward. Their innovation seems to focus on creativity of the business operations, rather than the product itself.

Love Jules Leather

makes small-batch shoes, each custom fit and with some custom design options. They design a new model, offer it to their email list, and accept the first 50 paid orders. Then they make and ship those 50 shoes and move on to a new design, so they are never bored. The shoes cost CA$1200-1500 per pair and are quickly sold out.

Blu Skillet Ironware

makes a limited number of skillets every year. These can be ordered on particular days and sell out within minutes. This simple sales strategy leaves the principals to the solitude of their beloved craft.

Formaggio Kitchen

curates European and Usonian cheese, charcuterie, and dry goods. They also have a fine in-house bakery, kitchen, wine and flowers, and weekend barbecue. They sell only the highest quality, but the most important dimension of the business is training the palates of their staff and customers.