Wendy Neale

Wendy Neale


I’ve always liked whittling but I’m usually more fond of the practice than the outcome. Until recently I used a little pocket knife and sometimes a gouge. This month I’ve taken it to the next level, thanks to a birthday present of two Swedish whittling knives.

And I’ve decided to push through the ‘meh’ barrier*.

“Super foods”

Do we have super foods now because most of what we eat isn’t food? I posed this question a few years ago when there were new-to-me exotic fruits around, such as Jaboticaba, labelled as super foods. I was postulating that super foods used to be just everyday food, but they’ve had to be elevated because now we eat other things that we call food and they can’t all exist in the same category.

I see you

I wonder if anyone has measured our responses to face-to-face human acknowledgement and ‘likes’ on social media and compared them. I imagine that the real human acknowledgement would have a longer lasting effect.