I do make pants In the last 16 years we measured 5000 women. From that research we found many new results...Why does the body work like this? What does the body do about walking?...The pants show the body. It should be a nice picture and painting. We want to make that possible. That was our purpose. We've never been satisfied by anything that is half.
Bread is Gold Bread for us is an emotional product. How do we give it the level of attention it deserves? And how can we present bread in a different way? If we look at conventional bakeries, they stuff the bread on to one shelf. How do we make it a product you really desire, that triggers emotions and also reflect on traditional consumption and connect to bread in a different way?
Anti-convenience FoodTech offers neither pleasure nor power.
“Because I always wanted to” "I never wanted to be in the family business. So I went to London. I was cooking for Barclay's Bank. But those people were both very demanding and not very appreciative.
Cultivating Taste Before I had taken a few steps, someone would hand me a glass of wine. While I stood drinking it, the next vendor would ply mewith a sardine. I finish the wine and take a few steps, to be offered a taste of mascarpone (sheepsmilk ricotta with sugar, the filling for cannoli), a few steps more and there would be a special cheese to try, then onion jam, then panettone, then salami... 
Heritages Because this grape was difficult to grow and not abundant it fell almost completely of production in favor of more abundant varieties. In the 1990s, winemaker Elvio Cogno rediscovered the wine and got it back into production. This was not easy because they had to actually locate and select the plants. The contemporary interest in autochthonous wines provides the support to bring a difficult grape into commercial viability.
The Comeback Francesco Gargiulo was the first of the dynasty to go outside of the family business started by his grandmother. “Everyone working there has my name, ages 21 to 57.” Until two years ago, he was a lawyer. His father was proud of that. Then he came back. “I had the attitude to stay in the […]
My Fiji Wandering København, I stopped to compliment a most elegant woman on the combination of her shoes and skirt. This turned out to be Karen Buus-Hansen, wearing her own skirt, enjoying the sun outside her shop. I complemented her on the scale of the print on the skirt, saying that it reminded me of my preference […]
Down the Battery Arriving late to Modena, I look for a glass of wine to put my spine back in order after travelling all day on the train. I’m sure to find a bar near my place in the center. But at 01:00 (Friday night) they are all absolutely and very closed. Saturday morning I awake to glass […]
Food with Context The action and logistics of this world accumulate and destroy. Increasingly, Life and Expression are mere inputs. We are in a mighty struggle for meaning against the contempt that is commodification. Our intentions, decisions, and actions are the battleground between humanity and our machines. The economic logics we have created are as ruthless as any robots.
Julian’s Yes Julian owned a bar. But then he had a family, and it was hard to be away from the bar. He discovered the possibility of doing street food, especially seasonal street food, which gave him more control over his time, both daily and yearly. He does Raclette with a partner at Christmas markets, and in […]
“Not a lot of people have this oven” I grew up in an Indian neighborhood in Canada. I loved the food. When I moved here to Berlin I missed it. So I went to study in India. It took a lot of time to adapt the recipes.
Not by ingredients alone The passionate serving staff did provide lectures about the commitments to culture, region, and producers. But we were hungry, and unfilled by lectures.
Saving the Almond I’m addicted to Netflix’ series about Chefs (Chef’s Table, Mind of a Chef, and Ugly Delicious). These are not cooking shows. They are biographies, of chefs, and of cuisines. The chefs struggle with tradition, to find their voices, and with the multifaceted challenges of producing in a new way. Throughout these series, chefs emphasize that […]
GlasSatisfaction I was wandering around Malmö’s Saluhall in the morning. Ronald offered me a cup of coffee. The Saluhall is a gourmet destination and incubator for small-scale food businesses. It was easy for me to make money, doing airbrush and then computer-based design. When I was 25 I started to think about what I was eating, […]
“Everybody uses boards, but not like these.” David Kobele worked with wood as a teenager, building his own audiospeakers. After a career as a child nurse, he recognized that was not his calling. “I knew that it was the wood.”  He bought some machines and started to work in his cellar.   His first wood product was children toys, but “I noticed […]
This is letterpress, this is rare, this is tradition We could see West Berlin. We also could see the soldiers. Directly there I could see on the 9th of November, when the wall was falling down. I could see it from the printing shop. When the wall was falling down I lost my first job. They cancelled in 1990 the contracts of the young employees.
Cheese is Made by People Cheese is made by people. I’ve now tried twice,  and I conclude that Australian oysters are superior to English ones,  giving AU its 2nd point against Europe . It wasn’t my  first trip to London but the first wasn’t a fair test,  as it was Christmas week and everything was closed.  (Despite that handicap,  I […]
“Many fights, and many kisses” "We try to keep the distance between the customer and the workshop as short as possible...These are objects that I want to be used. And it should be used hard. That's what they're made for...Buying a table takes a long time. It takes months....Most of these people are buying the last table for their life...For me it would be a success if the grandchildren still like the table.
The Future should be Durable Stefan Schridde studied business administration, and spent 25 years as a project manager. Now he runs the Murks Center. Murks means “botch”, or “bad work”. “Products designed with planned obsolescence don’t meet the needs of the society.” When he started this project, he was accused of lying, but now he is surrounded by the constituent […]
The Sound on the Napkin I have a vision in my head and arrogantly I feel like it's fully formed, but through mistakes, working with your medium, you move, it reacts, you attack it, it responds. It's like you're discovering what the guitar is meant to be, rather than manipulating it to your will. And that is a magical process.
Sweetness Being around food is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It’s instinctive to me. I want to talk about it. I enjoy sugar as a material, I can express in lots and lots of different ways.
“I am an Electrician” His explanation of his strategic capacities is "I am an electrician." This reminds me of Matthew Crawford's painstaking work on the "cognitive riches" of trade labour. (Summary here.) Crawford's point is that trade work is satisfying. Wałȩsa's point is that it is also a form of analytic training.
“Because we want to work with artisans” Walking through Kreutzberg/Neukölin I was drawn to another minimalist window display of an unlit store in a residential street. Like most entrepreneurs of shops with obtuse names in quiet streets, the owner wasn’t all that interested in promotion. The Home Project is a project of two designers, Álbio Nascimento and Kathi Stertzig. “I’m interested in […]
“Is it going in her eye?” He explained that he doesn't try to create something that will sell. "I make what I like." He sells at the Berlin artisan market and at some annual artisan markets. "I don't like selling with shops. First, they take 40% of the money. But also I need to be able to see the people, how they handle it, the questions they ask me. I need to watch. Is it going in her eye?"
Incubator Extraordinaire In a less gentrified yet part of Kreutzberg is this market described by my favourite local food blogger as “the most interesting food in Berlin”. The large covered hall hosts an artisan food market several days a week every Thursday there’s a “night street food market”  which is a food truck scene without the trucks,  […]
Winterfeldt Market Berlin This market was so movingly delicious to eye and sense, that I had to just enjoy it rather than documenting it. Produce, baked goods, prepared foods, and hard goods stalls were mixed and profuse, which was delightful. It’s summer, so the market was full of berries and cherries. Although I have so far not found Berliners to […]
Wine is Food "People see eggs and they ask ‘are these barn raised or free range raised?’ ‘Are they organic or not?’ It baffles me that wine is not the same. Where did it come from? How was it grown? Is it organic? People should be interested in the process and provenance of wine, the same way they are with food."
Finally we found what worked on this beautiful land. The farm was back blocks of the conventional farming area, and it was considered scrub country. It wasn’t valued for any purpose, because it was too steep for cattle and totally vegetated. I jumped at the opportunity because to me it had value.
Local Objects exhibit at Gaffa exhibit: Local Objects . artist: Amory Starr . gallery: Gaffa, 281 Clarence Street . context: Sydney Design Week 2013 . run: 25 July – 5 August. . opening: 25 July 6-8pm ______________________________________________________________________________________ Local economic relationships can transform a commodity into a community through sensual, convivial experiences. The Local Objects exhibit evokes these sensations to trigger […]
“Reclaiming the souls of trees” I was a contractor. I bought a hobby lathe on sale. I burned out the motor in 6 months, so I knew I had found my calling. I call it “reclaiming the souls of trees”. In Los Angeles there are trees from all over the world planted in backyards and sidewalks. There are 400 year […]
Resurrection This piece was a curbside find from the South Coast. My sister has developed a habit of txting me when she sees things. It was beautiful but it was very old and had obviously been damp. It’s probably the first piece that I stripped right back to the frame and then built up. A lot […]
Sustainable Desire At the centre of my design interventions is the idea of working in the margins, on the edge, in the spaces between. “Embodiment” refers to the tension and struggle between a world in which what is valued is increasingly digital, distant, and idealized and a world of everyday relationships, sensations, and mystery. I have lived […]
Melinda Dimitriades, Farmgate I got into food by mistake because I got kicked out of my house for being queer. So I walked up and down Oxford Street, my new neighborhood, and found a job making coffee – what I now know to be really bad coffee. I already had an interest in cookery. I watched all the badly […]
Building an artisan economics movement To build a movement, we need to spread the idea, far beyond the subculture which has nurtured it. We need to translate to older and newer ideas, and expand our way of seeing to recognize resonances and amplify them. As Matthew Crawford points out in Shop Class as Soul Craft, “by the mere fact that they […]
The cognitive riches of artisanship and craft labor Matthew B. Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work. 2009: Penguin Books. If the regard that many people now have for the wider ramifications of their food choices could be brought to our relationships to our own automobiles, it could sustain pockets of mindful labor… [102] This is the book […]
Digital object: Music Box Musicians, hackers, and writers are in mess right now, because they love making stuff and they want to share it, but the internet makes everything free, or below the wages that anyone could possibly live on. These days you can use Spotify to listen to any song you want, for almost no money. So folks are […]
The Integrity Economy They're diluting the olive oil with canola to save money. I paid $14 for the feta and now I'm furious. Charge me more, but don't cut corners.
What kind of economist are you? This is a story is about falling in love with food. It’s about working for something because it’s beautiful, and hoping the money will be enough to keep doing it - a story that I keep running into while distractedly turning a corner. It’s about a search for meaning in the money, connection in the contract.
Retail Hero Cornering the Market Emily Kaiser Thelin | Photography by Aya Brackett | | September 26, 2011 San Francisco Magazine, reprinted here as this article is no longer available on the internet. Sam Mogannam’s tiny neighborhood grocery has become one of the most influential markets in the nation. The big guys will be watching as he […]
“I want to work with my hands” Chad Robertson is the bread baker at Tartine, San Francisco. He makes the most beautiful bread he can, because he wants to. He doesn’t try to make too much of it. (Just 175 loaves a day, which sell out in an hour.) He’s analytical, thoughtful, directed, probably brilliant. But he “wants to work with my hands”. Reprint of article from San Francisco Magazine (defunct).
Wendy Neale, Maker Interview by Tara Robertson in World Sweet World Issue #07 Original here: World Sweet World: Issue #07 67 STORY TIME: WENDY NEALE: MAKER She is a paradox; a designer who thinks there’s too much stuff in the world, and a professional furniture maker who has decided that she will no longer sell her pieces. She […]
The Manifesto 2008 I’ve been writing about the ravages of globalization and peoples’ ferocious rejection of its conditions for a long time. I researched and wrote about the emergence of an anti-globalization movement before the Seattle protests of the WTO in 1999.[1] Now that circumstances are…er…changing, it’s time to get serious about finding alternatives. Thirteen years of avoiding […]