Bread is Gold

Bread for us is an emotional product. How do we give it the level of attention it deserves? And how can we present bread in a different way? If we look at conventional bakeries, they stuff the bread on to one shelf. How do we make it a product you really desire, that triggers emotions and also reflect on traditional consumption and connect to bread in a different way?

Cultivating Taste

Before I had taken a few steps, someone would hand me a glass of wine. While I stood drinking it, the next vendor would ply mewith a sardine. I finish the wine and take a few steps, to be offered a taste of mascarpone (sheepsmilk ricotta with sugar, the filling for cannoli), a few steps more and there would be a special cheese to try, then onion jam, then panettone, then salami… 


Because this grape was difficult to grow and not abundant it fell almost completely of production in favor of more abundant varieties. In the 1990s, winemaker Elvio Cogno rediscovered the wine and got it back into production. This was not easy because they had to actually locate and select the plants. The contemporary interest in autochthonous wines provides the support to bring a difficult grape into commercial viability.

The Comeback

Francesco Gargiulo was the first of the dynasty to go outside of the family business started by his grandmother. “Everyone working there has my name, ages 21 to 57.” Until two years ago, he was a lawyer. His father was proud of that. Then he came back. “I had the attitude to stay in the […]

Down the Battery

Arriving late to Modena, I look for a glass of wine to put my spine back in order after travelling all day on the train. I’m sure to find a bar near my place in the center. But at 01:00 (Friday night) they are all absolutely and very closed. Saturday morning I awake to glass […]

Food with Context

The action and logistics of this world accumulate and destroy. Increasingly, Life and Expression are mere inputs. We are in a mighty struggle for meaning against the contempt that is commodification. Our intentions, decisions, and actions are the battleground between humanity and our machines. The economic logics we have created are as ruthless as any robots.

Julian’s Yes

Julian owned a bar. But then he had a family, and it was hard to be away from the bar. He discovered the possibility of doing street food, especially seasonal street food, which gave him more control over his time, both daily and yearly. He does Raclette with a partner at Christmas markets, and in […]

“Not a lot of people have this oven”

I grew up in an Indian neighborhood in Canada. I loved the food. When I moved here to Berlin I missed it. So I went to study in India. It took a lot of time to adapt the recipes.

Not by ingredients alone

The passionate serving staff did provide lectures about the commitments to culture, region, and producers. But we were hungry, and unfilled by lectures.