Budi Spices

I met Budi at the Bedugul Traditional Market in the mountains of Bali. She told me that good cinnamon should be “sweet AND spicy” and she broke off a piece for me to chew. I had never put cinnamon stick in my mouth before. I’m totally entranced by this flavor, including the bitterness. Now I carry a stick of her cinnamon in my pocket all the time.

Budi has been selling spices for 19 years. In Bali, market vendors specialize in certain categories of products. Some prefer fruits, some prefer vegetables, some sell materials for offerings. Some sell meat, and some sell only spices. “I prefer to sell spices than vegetables.”

I asked her how she feels about her work. “I love my job with all my heart. I make homemade spices with heart and love not because it is my job.”

She processes all the spices herself from fresh into powder and makes her own curry mixtures and roasted cumin.

“For me quality is number one, even though I have to work hard, like the roasted cacao. After roasting I peel one by one. The quality is the most important in a product.
I’m happy if my customers like it.”

You can reach Budi through instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/budispices/


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